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Kate Beckinsale had catsuit nerves

Kate Beckinsale was worried about donning her form-fitting leather catsuit to reprise her role in the Underworld franchise.

The Hollywood beauty is famed for her slim figure and honed curves, but despite her petite frame the actress was anxious about fitting back into the costume after a five-year break from her character to star in Underworld: Awakening.

Kate, who plays vampire Selene in the fantasy film series, says her worries were unfounded as the outfit fit like a glove.

“It is a bit like trying on your school uniform or your wedding dress again,” she is quoted as saying. “You think ‘Can I still fit in it?’ But it was great.”

Kate insists the catsuit is more comfortable than it may appear to audiences. The 38-year-old British actress would prefer to wear something a little bit more relaxed, but puts up with the sexy attire on set.

“It looks more uncomfortable than it was. By the end of the day it wasn’t quite so great but on the whole it was fine,” she said.

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