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Kate Beckinsale: 'Punishing workouts stave off depression'

The Underworld star was a yoga-only kind of girl before discovering the benefits of cardio.

Actress Kate Beckinsale loves the way she feels after a gruelling exercise session.

The gorgeous Underworld star doesn't like hardcore cardio workouts, but she finds that when her body is stretched to its fitness limit, she receives maximum health benefits as a result.

“I start out absolutely dreading it, do an incredibly punishing workout, bitch about it the whole time, and end up feeling 100 per cent better when I leave,” the 43-year-old tells the new issue of SHAPE magazine. “Working out is basically nature’s antidepressant.”

In addition to the boost she receives from strenuous exercise, Kate has also discovered cardio is her key to new levels of relaxation.

“I love yoga, and that’s all I used to do, but hardcore workouts have really made a big difference in my life,” she explains. “I have a lot of internal energy, and intense exercise helps me channel that energy. I find balance by doing a workout that makes me pour sweat. I never was that girl before, but I am now.”

However, Beckinsale admits if she did not experience variety during her more hardcore fitness sessions, she probably wouldn't make it through an entire appointment with her personal trainer.

“I do circuit training interspersed with brutal cardio, such as crazy things on a nonmotorized treadmill. That part is torture,” she details. “But the thing I like about circuit training is that you’re never doing one thing for very long. You get to the point where you almost can’t bear it, and it changes to something else.”

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