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Kate Hudson gives ‘honest’ outlook on fitness

Kate Hudson wants women to have fun while getting fit.

Kate Hudson prefers to be honest about fitness rather than following the “fads”.

As well as enjoying exercise, the 37-year-old actress is passionate about activewear too, having co-founded her own clothing line Fabletics in 2013. As the brand continues to flourish, Almost Famous star Kate continues to remain honest about her idea of how people should approach staying in shape.

"Great clothes do help motivate,” she told CNNMoney. “But I think, part of the whole fitness world is… a little bit, to me, too much about diets, and it's a little too much about fads. And I just in general, would like to be able to talk about it a little bit more honestly.

And recognise that not every woman is a fitness fanatic, but that it's still a huge part of longevity. And finding joy in your life is to be active."

One way in which Fabletics has developed over the years is recently expanding the sizes of its offerings, with customers now able to get their hands on pieces ranging from XXS to 3XL. The blonde beauty explained it was a long time coming and being able to launch the multi-sizes this month (Apr17) was an exciting experience.

"We (want to) continue to motivate and empower women to get fit and healthy and try to have fun while doing it,” she added. “For me, that's where it really came out of was, this idea that being active doesn't have to be daunting."

Instead Kate wants people to enjoy working out, insisting no one should put pressure on themselves to perform at a “crazy level” they can’t cope with.

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