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Kate Moss planning luxury dressing room

Kate Moss has submitted plans to have a third dressing room installed at her home.

The supermodel and her husband Jamie Hince moved into a mansion in Highgate, North London, earlier this year. It’s rumoured to have cost around £7 million, and when they bought it there was speculation the couple would be completing extensive renovation work.

It was claimed they would be installing a gym in the basement, and Kate was now handed over plans for the £850,000 fitness centre to the local council. The property is Grade II listed, which means the pair must gain permission before making certain alterations.

“Other proposed luxury additions include a free-standing bath on the first floor, as well as a third dressing room,” reports British newspaper The Daily Mirror.

Kate also hopes to create a steam room at her new home and has asked to be allowed to put up security cameras outside. She is hoping to place eight CCTV devices at spots around her grounds.

A large satellite dish the 37-year-old has requested to put on top of her home has reportedly proved derisive amongst neighbours. Kate’s home has a blue plaque on it, meaning it is of historical importance. Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge and novelist J. B. Priestley have both lived there in the past, and those nearby apparently think Kate should take that into account before making any changes.

“She’s also planning on installing a huge satellite dish which will look so ugly on top of such an old, sprawling house, as will all these new-fangled camera,” a source told the publication.

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