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Keke Palmer: 'Beauty norms need to be destroyed'

The Scream Queens actress hates to needlessly splurge on clothing.

Actress Keke Palmer has become a winter streetwear fashion daredevil in a bid to break down beauty standards.

The Scream Queens star has grabbed headlines recently for her bold outfits, having donned a denim string bikini top and mini skirt with nothing more than a powder blue fur coat to cover her extremities on the freezing streets of New York City last week (end16Dec16), as well as a unique crop top and pant patent leather ensemble.

Keke's risque fashion choices are not for naught though, as she is inspired to take her apparel selections to the next level to vanquish style conformity.

"There's excessive pressures for women, they don't know if they should be the natural b**ch or if they should be the plastic b**ch," she tells Coveteur. "Because as soon as I become that natural girl, someone's telling me I need to slap a perm on my head. And as soon as I become that girl with the perm on my head, someone's telling me that I need to be that natural girl.

"It comes down to the individual being comfortable with themselves to disregard those beauty norms."

Just because Keke is committed to going a little wild with her outfits doesn't mean she's willing to go overboard with shopping.

"I'm one of those people, I love and adore my basic pieces because they last me forever," she explains. "I like to shop and give my style a good balance because I'm not the kind of person who overindulges in clothing. Partly because of the people that follow me, I don't want them to feel like the only way they can be fly is if they're in the latest designer things."

"Of course we admire designer pieces, because they're beautiful, they're art pieces - but you don't have to feel like if you don't buy every single thing then you're not dope," she adds.

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