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Kelly Osbourne: 'Bright hair makes people look younger'

Kelly Osbourne has no plans to ditch her signature pastel purple hair colour.

Kelly Osbourne insists that having colourful hair is the key to a youthful appearance.

The British reality TV star and presenter has sported lavender tresses for the past couple of years, and often experiments with bold hairdos, fringes and shaved sides.

In spite of critics comparing her brightly-hued style to "granny hair", Kelly actually believes that strikingly coloured hair has the ability to make people look much younger.

"It makes everybody look younger!" she told, proceeding to encourage others to veer away from their natural shade. "Don’t be afraid, because your hair will always grow back."

The trend for vibrant looks is continuing in Hollywood, with the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga trying out bold blues, pinks and greens. But before hitting the dye bottle, Kelly advises people to try a wig in a similar shade first and consider how the new look will work with an existing wardrobe.

"Wear the wig and see if it makes you feel comfortable with that colour," she said.

"You have to try (your new hair colour) with your clothes that you wear all the time... Because if you change your hair, sometimes you have your favourite looks that you wear all the time and it won’t match."

The former Fashion Police panellist has no plans to change up her signature shade anytime soon.

But she admits that she has to be careful in choosing what colours and make-up she wears, as the pastel hair has the ability to wash her out.

"The one thing about lavender is that it takes the yellow and pink pigment out of your skin," she added.

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