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Kelly Rowland: 'Honesty is everything when it comes to health'

The pop star felt "prepared and ready" for motherhood during her first pregnancy.

Singer Kelly Rowland refuses to switch doctors, because her main medic is bluntly honest.

The Motivation hitmaker doesn't appreciate sugar-coating when it comes to matters of health and her demand for the truth is one of the reasons why her primary physician, Dr. Tristan Bickman has been her doctor for 15 years.

"Over the years, we’ve developed a friendship," Kelly tells New York Magazine's The Cut, "but one thing I’ve always loved about her is she’s right to the point. I like that. I don’t like any grey area. Just tell me exactly what’s going on."

Kelly co-authored her new pregnancy book, Whoa, Baby!, with Dr. Bickman and she relied on other health experts extensively while carrying her son Titan, who is now two years old.

"I wanted to have the right coaches, like I was getting ready for a tournament or a track meet," she explains. "I got my coaches in place. I had an amazing doula, who helped me connect my body and my mind, and my therapist, who’s in the book, helped me ask myself questions about motherhood. I just felt myself getting really prepared and ready."

However, Kelly admits she was not prepared for the pregnancy cravings: "I feel like I did everything pretty good the first time (I was pregnant)," she notes, "(but) I probably won’t... eat as much food (if I get pregnant again). I overindulged - I got the best oxtails, rice, and gravy, a burger, fries, chocolate ice cream with peanut butter, cherry pie. I went so crazy. I don’t think I’ll go that crazy again."

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