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Kiera Chaplin & Oona Vels-Chanel determined not to fry in desert rally

The celebrities will drive an Isuzu DMax across North Africa.

Northern Irish actress and model Kiera Chaplin and Coco Chanel's grand niece are taking skincare seriously as they prepare for this year's (17) Rallye des Gazelles.

Chaplin, the granddaughter of movie legend Charlie Chaplin, and Oona Vels-Chanel will speed across Europe and North Africa in an Isuzu DMax truck as part of the upcoming all-female rally race, which kicks off in Nice, France on 17 March (17).

Neither has participated before and both fear the two-week desert stage of the adventure, admitting they have been in training for weeks to cope with the heat and the pressure.

But they're not leaving anything to chance and the fair-skinned girls have taken advice from their dermatologists.

"My dermatologist, Dr Colbert, gave me plenty of sunscreen," Kiera tells WENN. "He has an amazing brand of products. (I) need to make sure I don’t burn... (I'll be packing) argan oil (and wearing), hats."

"I love SU-MAN skincare," Oona adds. "She is the facialist of every supermodel - Naomi (Campbell) and Kate (Moss)... - and her skincare line is award-winning, whenever I get a chance I get her infamous no Botox face life facial and then

Sulwhasoo (products)."

Meanwhile, the girls are fighting fit for the extreme endurance race, with Kiera adding, "I love to work out so I think I’m in pretty good shape. The main thing I have been practicing is not to freak out and stay calm if things get difficult."

Finnish Oona, a writer, insists she's in also in great shape: "I like exercising and have always been very active, even with my crazy travels in fashion I try to get a workout in each day," she says. "I don't know if it was specific for the rally but I cycle a lot and do power pilates."

The pals can't wait to get started, with Kiera adding, "I think the beginning will be hard but after a day or two we will get into it and start to enjoy the whole experience and scenery. It will be magical for sure."

And the girls are using a lifetime of travel tips to perfect their rally experience.

"I heard (a) great (idea) from Miss Kiera - to use Ziploc bags with everything; underwear, socks... use your imagination for the rest... I'm Ziploc-ing (everything). They should sponsor us!"

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