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Kiko cosmetics opens doors in Belfast - customers all made up

By Ann W Schmidt

It was one of the most hotly anticipated store openings in Belfast for years - and Kiko Milano's fans were not disappointed.

The Italian make-up store has set up shop in Belfast, drawing hundreds of fans and newcomers to stand in line for hours as it flung open its doors just beside Victoria Square in Cornmarket yesterday.

Nicole Reid (23) is a huge fan of Kiko, but does not like to order make-up online.

"I was always having to wait until I went to England or further to get some," she said. "I'm excited that it's finally here."

The first 50 shoppers at Northern Ireland's first Kiko outlet received gift cards and the first 200 also got free goodie bags.

Kiko make-up experts also gave quick lessons to customers outside.

The cosmetics store has branches throughout Europe and the US, as well as four locations in Hong Kong.

Simi Sharma (30) came across Kiko when she visited Florence in Italy several years ago.

She said what drew her in was the quality of the cosmetics and their prices.

"Each time we're going outside Belfast, the first thing we do is check whether or not it has Kiko - but we are so glad it is in Belfast," she said. "It's quite handy, pretty much in the city centre."

Paddy McGurgan, a professional make-up artist and beauty columnist for the Belfast Telegraph's Weekend magazine, said that he had used some Kiko products before.

"It's relatively good value for what you pay," he added. "From the price point, you are getting a good deal."

He explained Kiko was especially good for people who are trying to build their first make-up kits, or for those who want to buy a strange lip colour that might not be in style next season.

"It's a good brand that keeps you on trend," he added.

Coty Haddock (19) arrived around 8.30am to be there for a gift card, but was unable to get one after a two-hour wait.

"The store was good - just the waiting was bad," she said.

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