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Krysten Ritter: ‘Tall heels make me feel insecure’

Krysten Ritter’s favourite pair of shoes are Prada boots that take her back to her teenage years.

Krysten Ritter avoids wearing heels that are too high as they make her slouch.

The statuesque actress may dress down for her role as superhero Jessica Jones in the TV show of the same name, but away from the camera she’s all about a bit of glam.

“When I get dolled up, I’m rocking a heel for sure - and I’m 5ft10in!” she told “I don’t typically do a platform; I like a good, skinny stiletto that’s not too high. Because if I get too tall, I kind of get Tall Girl Syndrome and start to slouch. As weird as it sounds, I’m more of an introvert, so when I get too tall I feel like, ahhh, everyone’s looking at me!”

Sharing one of her top shoe shopping tips, the raven-haired beauty recommending buying a size up when it comes to heels. Acknowledging that it isn’t appealing when the shoes come out looking like “boats”, Krysten insisted people will appreciate the comfort.

She also shared her current favourite pair of footwear, adding, “I have some Prada boots that I bought myself as a present this past fall before going to work on (TV show) The Defenders, which was going to lead right into Jessica Jones season 2; that’s one full year of production. And I don’t normally splurge like this, but I found these Prada boots that were just the epitome of Krysten as a teenager...”

When it comes to her butt-kicking alter ego, Jessica is known for wearing boots. Krysten thrived in helping build the image of her character, but fought hard to get one particular ensemble took a lot of convincing to get on the screen given that in the comic books, Jessica rocks a leather jacket which now looks slightly out of date.

“So I was like, ‘Let’s put her in this armour-like moto jacket, and beat it up and soften it to make it look like it actually lived on the floor.’ I fought pretty hard for this look,” she recalled.

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