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Lara Stone slams ‘sexy’ fashion

Lara Stone thinks scantily clad women like Lady Gaga “aren’t sexy”.

The 27-year-old Dutch model is praised for her trademark front teeth gap and luscious blonde locks, which have made her one of the world’s most lusted after women.

Lara argues that sexiness is about originality, although one lady who she doesn’t find alluring is pop icon Lady Gaga. According to the model, Gaga’s skimpy outfits simply aren’t seductive.

"Lady Gaga, for example, walking around in her bra and knickers and being really sexy but still she's not sexy at all, to me," Lara told Stylist.

One thing Lara has been clear about in the past is that she doesn’t think beauty requires a size zero frame. Despite being naturally slender, the model treats herself to her favourite food on a regular basis, including the British tradition of sausages and mashed potatoes. She even keeps candy at her bedside.

"I like nice comfort foods like shepherd's pie or bangers and mash,” she smiled.

“I have a big jar of liquorice next to my bed."

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