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Lauren Pope talks shell suits, mullets and.... the vajazzle

Lauren Pope

Towie’s Lauren Pope has just turned the big 3-0 and she’s looking back on the last 29 years....so what are the fashions, styles and technology of the last three decades she wishes she could forget?

And what does she think about the return of the white stiletto?

She’s one of the stars of the nation’s all-time favourite reality TV show, but Lauren Pope has done more than just The Only Way Is Essex in her time; she’s also a DJ and a glamour model and was famously asked out by Prince Harry a few years back.

Last month she turned 30 which gave her the chance to look back on her crazy and exciting life so far. But it hasn’t all been as glamorous as you might think....

Just like the rest of us, Lauren has a few style skeletons in her closet…. we’re talking perms, shell suits, shoulder pads, brick phones and…the vajazzle of course.

So what are the fashions, hair and beauty styles she hopes never make a comeback? And what are her thoughts on the return of 80s favourite the white stiletto?

But it’s not just the fashions and hair styles of the 80s, 90s and noughties, that make us cringe….what about the gadgets we thought we could never live without? Cassette tapes, compact discs, brick phones, VHS…they were all so cool at the time, but now when you look back, don’t they seem a bit naff to you?

To find out what Lauren thinks and to ask her all about TOWIE, her style and fashion watch our live and interactive Web TV show below.

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