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Lenny Kravitz: 'My Rolex improves with time'

Lenny Kravtiz's limited edition LK01 Rolex watch is simple and "classic".

Lenny Kravitz’s Rolex watch is made to get better with age.

The Fly Away rocker has teamed up with the brand and watch company Les Artisans De Geneve on a unique aesthetic for its LK01 design, boasting a Barenia calf leather strap and gold detailing all made by hand. There’s only going to be 55 watches made costing around $42,000 (£34,000), making it extremely exclusive, and Lenny hopes those who get their hands on it will treasure it for years to come.

“The black and gold combination has that elegance, that sheen, (so) I wanted to ground it with the strap,” he told “And then that strap, the more you wear it and the more beat up it gets... the oil from your hand touching it, the oil from your wrist, begins to give a nice patina to the leather after time.

“So this is the kind of thing that is made to get better with age. As you wear it, you personalise it, just by wearing it and taking it out into the elements.”

In his opinion, leather looks better when it’s “scratched up” and “beaten”, as this makes it more a part of the person wearing it.

When quizzed on whether he planned to design a watch that fitted him to a tee thanks. The rocker turned actor is well known for his bohemian, leather-heavy style, Lenny, 52, insisted the finished look was just a coincidence.

“No, funnily enough. It’s just a reflection of my taste, right?” he mused. “I wanted it to be simple, utilitarian, and classic. But at the same time have some elegance and sophistication. I think it’s a good blend of all of those elements. I chose to put it on a leather strap, as opposed to a gold strap, say, because I like that sort of blend of high-low.”

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