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Lil’ Kim: ‘It’s cool that my style inspires Kylie Jenner’

Lil’ Kim is a big fan of her friend Marc Jacobs’ work.

Lil’ Kim has thanked Kylie Jenner for openly admitting she’s inspired by the rapper’s style.

Kim has been in the spotlight for more than 20 years, and has donned some of the red carpet’s most shocking outfits, including the purple nipple pasty she wore with a one-shouldered jumpsuit to the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards.

Over the years plenty of other stars seem to have taken inspiration from Kim’s wardrobe choices, which she’s totally fine with as long as they acknowledge her influence.

“Kylie Jenner, who is basically my extended family, once said publicly that I inspire her and I love how she gave me props,” Kim told Vogue. “I thank people like her for always acknowledging and admitting that they base some of their style off of mine.

“When you’re a fashionista, you always know what kind of big trend is coming and you go with it—Hey honey, you’re just born with it and when you know, you know.”

Keeping up with emerging trends is easy for Kim as she counts Marc Jacobs as one of her close friends.

She was sitting front row at the designer’s New York Fashion Week show in February (17), and was bowled over by his latest work, which had a hip-hop theme running throughout.

“It was such a masculine but sexy look and that’s everything I stand for,” she smiled.

“If you know anything about how hip-hop first came onto the scene, it was really about breaking down the barriers. When Mary J. Blige started out, look what she had on: a baseball cap turned to the back, but guess what? Her hair was done to the gods and Mary had on that little baseball shirt and nothing else except bootie shorts and some sexy Doc Martens with lace stockings.”

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