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Lily Collins raves about glamorous Rules Don't Apply costumes

Lily Collins let costume designer Albert Wolsky work his magic on the outfits for her new movie Rules Don't Apply.

Lily Collins found wearing "uncomfortable" costumes really helped inform her performance in new movie Rules Don't Apply.

The 27-year-old actress stars in the 1950s-set comedy drama as small town beauty queen Marla Mabrey, whose dream of becoming an actress takes her to Hollywood where she embarks on a forbidden romance.

The cast, also made up of stars like Warren Beatty, Annette Bening and Alden Ehrenreich, were dressed head to toe in pieces from the era, proving useful despite the discomfort.

"I think as an actor every time you wear different clothes it informs you. A huge thing about the Fifties was the undergarments - incredibly uncomfortable, but they created a shape that the clothes hung beautifully on," she explained to the crowd at Stylemakers 2016. "So even having a different body shape gave me a sense of who I was and how to use that to my advantage. In the movie we decided to keep using the classic white outfit that Marla arrived in Hollywood wearing, for pivotal scenes. Small choices like that informed the audience of what she stands for and her personality."

Warren also wrote and directed the movie, with Albert Wolsky – who was honoured at Stylemakers – the film's costume designer. Lily felt in safe hands when it came to letting Albert pick the outfits Marla wears throughout the feature and praises his attention to detail, noting that the ensembles made a big impact on the story.

"Our conversations were just that, conversations," the brunette beauty added. "Obviously Warren’s lived with the characters for so long and Albert’s a genius so I just said, 'Do your thing.' I loved it when he picked and prodded and said do a millimetre here or a centimetre there. It changes everything. I never knew how much proportion really mattered."

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