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Lily Collins: ‘Regaining 20lbs after anorexic role was emotional’

Lily Collins loves keeping herself busy by baking, because she finds it so therapeutic.

Lily Collins was determined to regain weight healthily after losing 20lbs for upcoming movie To the Bone.

The 27-year-old actress stars as a young woman battling anorexia in the film, and was required to undertake a dramatic transformation for the part.

She worked with a nutritionist to shed the pounds off her already-slim frame, and sought advice from the expert as well when it came to putting the weight back on.

“I did it in the healthiest way possible. They had me on a regimen of proteins (fish and chicken), steamed vegetables and juices, with supplements; no caffeine – there were a lot of ‘nos,’” Lily told You Magazine of losing weight. “Regaining the weight later was also an emotional journey. I didn’t gorge on ice cream and burgers because I didn’t want to put negativity into my body.”

Lily was also able to make some sweet treats for herself, as she is a keen baker. Being a domestic goddess in the kitchen is something the actress finds “therapeutic”, and she enjoys baking for other people as well as herself.

“I love baking, it’s therapeutic, it makes the house smell good,” she smiled. “I recently baked a two-tier chocolate blackout cake for my friend’s birthday. It was gluten-free, vegan…and it was really good. I bake gluten-free because so many people have allergies nowadays.”

Her love of baked goods means that Lily has to stick to an exercise regime to ensure she stays Hollywood slim. And when it comes to working up a sweat, Lily loves mixing things up and keeping herself, quite literally, on her toes.

“I love swimming and running, and going to dance, cardio and ballet barre classes with my friends. I also do yoga classes where they blast really loud music and you sweat a lot,” she said.

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