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Luke Evans: 'My bleached blonde hair is not a midlife crisis!'

The Girl on the Train star will never be caught dead in a pair of Speedos.

Actor Luke Evans insists his striking new bleached blonde hairstyle has nothing to do with a midlife crisis.

The Girl on the Train star recently debuted the bright new look on Instagram, leaving some fans wondering about the origin of his shocking new do, but the 37-year-old laughs off concerns about his hair, claiming he is actually starting to dig it.

"I like it!" he tells "I mean, it's just nice to do something a bit different, and I guess when you're an actor, you have the licence to do that. And then if you look weird, you can blame the role, you know? So no one's going to tell me I'm having a midlife crisis."

Luke is confident most of his devotees, dubbed 'Luketeers', are starting to warm to the fresh look too, noting, "I think most of them like it."

He might be willing to experiment with his hair from time to time, but Evans flat out refuses to go to extremes when it comes to selecting bathing suits.

"I stay away from Speedos," he declares. "That would cause me absolutely unnecessary publicity."

Stylish Luke has previously spoken about keeping it simple when it comes to choosing outfits, telling the UK's GQ magazine in 2013, "A guy's biggest style mistake is definitely trying to look too cool. As long as you've got a good pair of jeans, a good pair of boots and a few good shirts, you're fine. If you've got a good piece of clothing or a good accessory, it'll work with everything. I've also got a really good pair of Diesel Black Gold leather boots that I wear constantly - those sort of things I'll always take with me and travel with. You shouldn't try too hard, because that's when you start making mistakes."

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