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Madonna bringing miracle skincare products to the U.S.

The pop superstar's MDNA kit has been a big hit in the Far East.

Madonna is bringing her MDNA skincare line to the U.S.

Until now, the collection of facemasks, mists and serums has only been available in Hong Kong and Japan, but now the pop superstar is launching products in her native America.

The singer has taken to Instagram to share a video of her latest MDNA Chrome Clay Mask and state it's "coming to America soon" in the caption, but no fixed date has been revealed.

In the footage, posted just over the Christmas weekend (24-25Dec16), the Material Girl singer removes the mask with a device that appears to pull the product off the skin with ease.

Even she appears to be amazed by her own line, stating, "Woah, no muss, no fuss. I'm removing the mask myself."

She adds, "You want this product. I want this product."

The MDNA line also includes a face wash, eye mask, and eye serum.

Madonna keeps her own skin youthful and flawless by using natural beauty products, including a blueberry facial cleanser and toning serums.

She also makes sure that anything she puts on her face has a high antioxidant content. She's also a stickler for yoga to help her de-stress and stay in shape and, like many celebrities, she's a water guzzler, insisting hydration is key to to good look. She also makes sure she gets a good sleep, claiming a restful night can also help the skin.

Madonna eats well too and exercises regularly, praising clean living for helping her look and feel good inside and out.

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