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Madonna's youthfulness no mystery

By Anne Marie Scanlon

Poor Madonna. Was ever a pop star so criticised? Last week the Material Madam was pilloried in the media for directing a dire film, allegedly dissing Lady Gaga and making a Gordon Brown faux pas with an open mic.

But worse than all of that put together is the fact that, shock, and indeed horror, Madonna has the cheek to look quite a lot less than her 53 years.

Ms Ciccone's perma-youth and Dorian Gray-like ability to age without ageing has fascinated the public and obsessed certain sections of the media for the past 20 years.

Why are her youthful looks so debatable when she is a millionaire superstar who exercises rigorously, follows a highly restrictive diet and has access to the best hairdressers, make-up artists and fashion stylists, (not to mention a 24-year-old toy boy)?

Wouldn't it be more newsworthy if Madge looked anything less than perfect? In fact, wouldn't it would be downright shocking if she looked like a "normal" working mother who has to clean, cook and mind her own children?

Yet, despite what we know about Madonna's tightly maintained diet and exercise regime, and the number of people working to ensure she looks fantastic when she steps out in public, there were still snide remarks about her "fresh-faced" looks on the red carpet at the 68th Venice Film Festival where she was premiering her directorial debut WE.

Seriously, if someone with Madonna's money and connections was getting a wee bit of work done, surely they'd get someone good to do it -- not someone who'd make them look like the Bride of Wildenstein. Surely?

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