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Make-up masterclass: 5 top tips for applying glitter

Northern Ireland beauty expert Paddy McGurgan offers his advice on the latest make-up trends


5 top tips for applying glitter

5 top tips for applying glitter

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5 top tips for applying glitter

Festival season is just around the corner, including Belsonic in June and Belfast Vital in August.

One of the most important elements of any festival-goer is their make-up and, more importantly, their glitter. I have to admit that I am a complete glitter-aholic and adore using it to add sparkle. It adds vibrancy to any make-up, and especially festival make-up, of course.

Glitter can be used on the eyes as a centrepiece for the face, around the upper cheek, as a highlighter or even as chest/body art. My favourite aspect of using it is that there are no rules. You have full creative freedom to use it where and how you feel it will look best.

Here are my all-time favourite glitters to create any festival look.

LIT Cosmetics, £12, www.makeupprostore.co.uk

I love using the LIT cosmetics range - it has such a wide choice of size, styles, colours and themes. I love the different variants of tones that can be used for this. LIT is a Canada-based brand, and I adore how the glitters can vary from super wearable and versatile to neon and chunky for festival-inspired make-up. My all-time favourite glitters to use for festival make-up from the LIT range are Oprah, Champagne Wishes, Modern Love and Joy.

NYX Metallic Glitter, £6

These glitters are super pigmented and reflective shades for face and eye work. They are available in six ultra reflective shades ranging from deep bronze to holographic pink and sandy gold. And they are not only glitters. They also have a metallic finish that gives an added dimension of sparkle. Use a glitter glue to adhere to the eyes and face, and you have an easy, ready-to-go festival look.

Barry M Fine Glitter Dust, £4.59

The Barry M Fine Glitter Dust is almost like a pigment, but it contains reflected glitter, which enhances the sparkle you will receive when you apply to the face or eyes. The loose pearl dusts come in a variety of brilliant colours that have been cleverly blended with ultra fine, diamond-like glitter flecks. This is perfect for layering - the glitter dusts are so finely milled that they build beautifully upon each other. They can be used for a variety of looks from super-subtle to intense and vibrant depending on how much of the product you apply.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, £15.50

I love using the OCC Glitters for festival make-up because I love how the glitter reflects back, especially on camera. This weekend for May Day, Make-Up Pro Store is offering 50% off OCC in all three Make-up Pro Stores (108-112 Royal Avenue, Belfast; 80 Hill Street, Newry; 13 Pump Street, Londonderry) and also online at www.makeupprostore.co.uk. This glitter does require a glitter adhesive to reduce fall-out and ensure longevity throughout the day. My favourite shades are Beige, Scarab and Neon Yellow - perfect for festival make-up.

Inglot Body Sparkles, £13, Inglot Cosmetics

These are brilliant glitter flakes that reflect light and add colour. The glitters come in a variety of shapes and colours to be used on nails, lips, and all over the body (excluding eyes). They are ideal for face and body glitter, and apply beautifully on to the skin and give the skin an extra dash of glow.

Lottie London, £2.99, Superdrug

You can't properly party at Coachella without some face and body embellishments. I especially loved how the festival-goers have brought out all the boho stops with a bejewelled forehead accent. Lottie London has a large selection of festival face gems (£2.99), which are self adhesive and super easy to apply.

Glitter Express, £3.49, GlitterExpress.co.uk

Glitter Express is a brand that is known for its craft glitter and for nail applications, but it has now branched into cosmetics. I recently purchased a holographic white/blue glitter (Poly Flake 008 Disco) and I'm obsessed with how it reflects light and how it can incorporate beautifully into so many different eye make-up variations and colour combinations. I adore using this during festival and creative make-ups - it's definitely a must-have for all the make-up lovers out there.

5 top tips for applying glitter

1. Choose the perfect adhesive. My favourite glitter glue has to be Make-up Studio Two Way Gel, £14, www.makeupprostore.co.uk.

2. Never place glitter onto the eye without eyeshadow. The glitter must be a part of your eye make-up, but not the only part.

3. When applying the glitter, add in small amounts and build the pigment up to avoid fall-out.

4. Keep the glitter to one area of the eye to avoid over-saturating the eye.

5. When removing glitter, use an oil-based cleanser to break down the glitter and have the perfect eye make-up cleanser.

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