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Make-up masterclass: Five tips for choosing the right cleanser

NI beauty expert Paddy McGurgan's top tips on choosing the right cleanser

NI beauty expert Paddy McGurgan's topt tips on choosing the right cleanser
NI beauty expert Paddy McGurgan's topt tips on choosing the right cleanser
The Body Shop camomile cleansing butter (£10)
Origins zero oil deep pore cleanser (£16.50)
Aveeno skin relief with cooling menthol (£7.50, Boots)

By Paddy McGurgan

Now that we've approached the winter side of Halloween, the colder weather is really starting to set in - and it is especially important to not overlook your skincare routine.

Your cleanser in particular is the product that will break down any dirt, make-up and excess oils that the skin builds up throughout the day.

Here I list my favourite cleansers to use and advise which skin type each one is best for.

For those of you who love an exfoliant in your cleanser, I really love Balance Me's cleanse and smooth face balm (£20, Make-up Pro Store).

This really polishes skin and adds radiance. The balm contains a trio of shea, mango and cocoa butters that are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins which plump and nourish the skin. Oat powder gently exfoliates, whilst the antioxidant powers of artic cloudberry protect and hydrate.

The cleanser's exfoliant is very gentle and so it's able to buff dead skin, excess dirt and is the most effective make-up remover for waterproof make-up, or hard to remove eye make-up. This is a hero product for me on a busy day in the store.

It is often thought that anyone with oily skin or combination skin is unable to use a rich cleanser as this can affect the pH balance of the skin.

However, there are several cleansers and oil-free cleansers that have been developed to ensure that anyone with oily or combination skin is able to get a thorough cleanser without the added moisture or oil they are used to. One example of this is Origins zero oil deep pore cleanser (£16.50).

This product cleanses pores thoroughly and works deep to remove excess oil, make-up and impurities whilst leaving skin shine-free. It also gently exfoliates away dead skin cells that clog pores and cause breakouts.

A great cleanser I recently picked up was The Body Shop camomile cleansing butter (£10). This has a butter texture, which once used on the skin and massaged blends into an oil. What I love most about this product is that it breaks down make-up so quickly and easily and does not leave a residue behind.

This is perfect for someone who would wear make-up every day and wants a full cleanser to rid the skin of all impurities and, of course, make-up.

If you find your skin is sensitive or becomes more so in colder weather, then you need to invest in something that will clean the skin without causing any harm or irritation. Try Aveeno skin relief with cooling menthol (£7.50, Boots).

Inflamed skin is often painfully itchy too - the colloidal oatmeal in this rich balm will help to comfort, while cooling menthol will soothe.

For a day to day gentle cleanser, or for using around the eye area, try Garnier micellair water (£3.33).

This product provides an easy way to remove make-up, soothe and hydrate the face, eye area and lips - in one step without rinsing.

The cleansing agents capture and lift away dirt from the skin.

However, you may need an additional product as this is a water-based cleanser and I believe that only a oil or cream-based product will be able to rid the skin of all impurities and build of dirt on the skin.

Five top tips for choosing the right cleanser

1. Always ask for a sample of the cleanser you are interested in purchasing to ensure you have tried it and that you are not allergic to or will take any form of reaction to any of the ingredients.

2. Know your skin, listen to your skin's needs and ensure that you choose a cleanser that will act and perform what you want to best suit your needs and skin type. For example, if you are oily choose an oil-free cleanser.

3. Always read the ingredients list on your product. Try to stay away from alcohol-based products as these can often be potent and especially if you have sensitive skin be very wary of this.

4. No matter how tired you are, avoid using wipes on the skin.

5. Always ensure your moisturiser matches your cleanser and that they will compliment each other.

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