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Make-up masterclass: Top tips for going from day to night

Paddy McGurgan is one of NI's best-known beauty experts and each week tells you all you need to know about the latest make-up techniques and trends


How to take your make-up from day to night.

How to take your make-up from day to night.

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How to take your make-up from day to night.

Most women know what it's like to work an eight-hour day and have plans for the evening straight afterwards, leaving you at most 30 minutes to turn your basic office look into night-time diva one.

Here are my top tips for changing any make-up look from day to night.


For daytime, I often find clients enjoy a more sheer complexion, but for a glamorous look, adding a bit more coverage to your base can make the skin appear flawless.

For a stronger, full-coverage finish, definitely try ELF HD Mattifying Cream Foundation (£3). This high-definition, oil-free, lightweight foundation is perfect for normal to oily skin types. The cream-to-powder formula minimizes fine lines and leaves a natural, long-lasting matte finish.

It is important to always set your make-up in place, and your skin type dictates how much powder you will need.

I always recommend using a lightweight translucent powder to set the face, because its lightweight constituency will set the make-up in place and not clog the pores.

One of my all time favourite setting powders has to be Make-Up Studio's Natural Silk Perfection (£20.50). It glides and smooths over the face and almost perfects any area it touches.

For a quick difference in your make-up, I recommend spending time with your brows. If you are able to add definition to your brows, this will frame your face and create a tonal gradient within your make-up.

To create this you will need a really good eyebrow gel. This combs your brows into place, and some gels have a tint, so colour as you go along. This will really help you when you go to fill in your brow, because all hairs stay in place, so you get a clean, crisp line. One of my favourite brow gels is Benefit Gimme Brow (£20.50).

Then, the next part is entirely up to you, whether you use powder, pomade or aqua products to fill in your brow. I love the Ardell Brow Pomade in shade Dark (£7.99, Ardell & Superdrug). The pomade glides over the brow and the pigment is super strong, so if you are a bit wary of using it, I recommend lots of practise or building your product up slowly.

Your eye make-up is where you will achieve the most dramatic look. You will want an eyeshadow palette that will really give you bang for your buck, so I really do believe heavily in investing in an eyeshadow palette that contains colours you will use. If you cannot use every colour in your eyeshadow palette, then you shouldn't have it.

For a night-time eye make-up look, I love using a palette that is versatile and that I can get multiple eye looks out of. I have been hooked on using Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Summer Glow EyeShadow Palette (£40). I love this six-colour palette, because it has a beautiful progression of pink, brown and nudes to use on all eye looks.


For a night-time change, there are several ways, tones and shades you can opt for to change from day to night. The most obvious way to do this is to change from a daytime nude to a dark, vampy lip colour. However, for this season I am of the opinion that if you love nude, stay nude. You can add a slightly deeper lip-liner to create shape and definition around the lip. If you are wearing a dusky pink lip colour, go for something slightly deeper but similar in tone and style, for example Edge to Edge Lipliner (MAC Cosmetics, £14).

Finishing touches for a great evening

  1. If you are very conscious of fine lines around your eyes and want to apply concealer here, use your index finger with the product in a tapping motion.
  2. Make sure your powder is finely milled - i.e. the texture is thin so it does not crease or make the skin appear chalky or dry. The lighter the powder, the more natural the skin will look.
  3. Add black eyeliner to your waterline and smoke through your bottom lash line. This will add instant night-time drama with minimal effect.
  4. Add eyeliner if you have time. Add liquid eyeliner to your top lashline. This will create a feline shape to the eye and make it instantly glamorous.
  5. Always use a setting spray. This will be your saviour before a night out, because it will hold the make-up in place and give you maximum longevity throughout the night.

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