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Make-up masterclass: 5 top tips for getting concealer right

Paddy McGurgan is one of NI's best-known beauty experts and every week he tells you everything you need to know about the latest make-up techniques

A young woman applies a concealer under the eyes
A young woman applies a concealer under the eyes

By Paddy McGurgan

Unless you have been blessed with even-toned and textured skin, then you will have used a concealer in your beauty routine.

Concealers come in a range of colour-correcting shades, but for this article I am going to focus on medium to light skin-toned concealers, and the tones, textures and products available.

When you are choosing your tone of concealer, always get colour-matched and try before you buy. Your concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your foundation to create a lightening and brightening effect under the eye.

If you have mature skin or are conscious of fine lines and wrinkles, in particular around your eye area, then I highly recommend using a liquid concealer.

L'Oreal Paris Touche Magique Concealer (£7.99, Superdrug) is a liquid concealer pen. When using a liquid, you will find that the coverage is not as instant as your typical cream concealer, so build your product up and ensure it is well blended to achieve a flawless natural cover.

My all-time favourite liquid concealer comes from Make-up Forever, and is the Ultra HD Concealer (£20, Make-up Pro Store Belfast). This product is so lightweight and sits beautifully on the skin.

I love buffing this product in with a clean, fluffy eyeshadow brush, because this gives the most flawless coverage without a caked appearance. This product is perfect for mature skin or anyone who loves a sheer, lightweight look.

If you have redness or patches of colour on your skin, but you do not want the hassle of colour-correction, then cream concealers are your friend.

Cream concealers are the highest-coverage concealer on the market. The cream consistency builds perfectly on top of itself - it simply needs set with a loose/pressed powder to ensure all-day wear.

One high-coverage drugstore concealer I have used and loved is the NYX Professional Makeup Full Coverage Cream Concealer Jar (£6). I love how this concealer provides such high coverage, and NYX's range of shades and tones are perfect for all skin tones.

My all-time favourite concealer to use for high coverage is Make-up Studio Concealer (£12.50, Make-up Pro Store). These concealers are high-coverage, but the consistency is easy to move and blend and does not set, so you are able to work with the product to either build it up or buff it out.

Concealer pencils are sometimes used in blemish coverage and are usually cream or wax-based. They can be used on individual blemishes, but they are most commonly used at the waterline of the eye, being a great way to brighten up those tired eyes.

Try NudeStix (£24, Cult Beauty). This velvety formula stays put and is perfect for creating low-maintenance make-up looks that stay flawless.

5 top tips for getting concealer right

1. If you are applying a dark statement lip colour (red, purple, plums), use a small amount of concealer to sharpen your lip line for a perfect pout.

2. Do you have brow regrowth? Use an angled brush and some concealer to cover and blur any stray hairs for the perfect arched brow.

3. If you are very conscious of fine lines around your eye area and want to apply concealer, use your index finger to apply the product in a tapping motion. The heat from your finger will help the skin absorb the product and avoid it sitting in fine lines

4. As I said earlier, always try before you buy. Try your concealer out and ensure it is the perfect tone, colour, texture and type for you and your skin.

5. I always recommend using a small fluffy brush for applying concealer. This will give you an even, flawless and airbrushed finish on the skin.

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