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Make-up masterclass: 5 top tips for perfect eyebrows

Paddy McGurgan is one of NI's best-known beauty experts and each week he tells you everything you need to know about the latest make-up techniques

Paddy McGurgan's top tips for perfect eyebrows.
Paddy McGurgan's top tips for perfect eyebrows.

L​ong gone are the days when foundation across the eyebrows was an acceptable look - instead, we have recently seen a massive focus placed on the importance of the eyebrows in an overall make-up look.

When I first started working in make-up, and when I opened my first Make-Up Pro Store six years ago, my clients would almost look startled when I would apply brow products, but now this is a thing of the past.

I adore working on eyebrows, and it takes so much precision and time to perfect the clients' ideal eyebrow. I really cannot recommend one type of brow product for everyone as there are so many effective types and textures of products that will suit and work on different clients, so I am going to list to a few of my favourites depending on the look and finish you would like to achieve.


I think it is a truth widely acknowledged that brow pencils are only for clients who prefer a light and soft effect on the brows or for anyone with minimal hair growth around this area for adding natural hair stroke. Yes, brow pencils are amazing for this, but I recently picked up the NYX Micro Brow Pencil (£9, Superdrug) and it is actually my new best friend.

The shades are so accommodating for make-up artists as they come in a range of light to medium to dark shades, perfect for all tones of clients. I love the shape of the product applicator as it is easy to add natural hair strokes to the brow and I am able to add shape and definition to the brow as the end is slightly curved so it works so well not only at the arch of the eyebrow but for creating my base line underneath.


I love working with different textures based on the client I am working on and the look I would like to create.

Brow pomade is ideal for anyone who loves a stronger brow with a depth of tone throughout. When working with pomade, there is a large responsibility on the eyebrow brush you use - so always make sure your brush is always keep as sharp as possible so you are able to achieve a clean line with your hair strokes.

My personal favourite brow pomade to use is Make-up Studio Brow Pomade (£24, Make-up Pro Store). I love how easily I am able to blend this product into the brow and how I can achieve a natural finish.


Brow powder is a softer approach for your brows.

This is a much more versatile product and can be used for a softer brow right up to a strong brow, depending on how much product you use.

For this I would definitely recommend trying the Bperfect Cosmetics Semi Permanent Brow Kit (£24.99). This is a revolutionary system that creates perfectly shaped brows in seconds. The kit comes with a powder, four different shape/size stencils, and double-ended brush for a flawless finish. The powder is water resistant, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, and lasts up to 24 hours or until you remove it with make-up remover. It is available in a choice of four shades for the perfect match.

1. Use a paler cream concealer to conceal any stray hairs under your arch to create a sharp and defined brow.

2. If your brows are quite natural, you can add hair-like texture by using a brow gel with comb. This will fix the brows in place and add more of a hair-like effect.

3. Invest in an eyebrow brush. This is the staple of your eyebrow routine and make sure you keep it in shape to achieve a sharp finish.

4. For a quick difference in your make-up, I recommend spending time with your brows. If you are able to add definition to your brows, this will frame your face and create a tonal gradient within your make-up.

5. Treat your brow product like your foundation: it should match your hair colour - always try and get some help from a sales advisor or make-up artist and try any products on to ensure you are completely happy with your finished look.

  • If you would like any personal advice on your brows or aspects of your own make up, please feel free to contact me on Instagram via @paddymcgurganmakeupartist

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