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Make-up masterclass: 5 ways to achieve 'no make-up' make-up

Paddy McGurgan is one of NI's best-known beauty experts and every week he'll tell you all you need to know about the latest make-up techniques

By Paddy McGurgan

The local beauty expert share his tips for a 'barely there' make-up look.

As much as I am a lover of full, glam coverage, I also adore allowing the skin to look like real skin - free the freckle is the idea! I love using a combination of lightweight products to disguise blemishes in the most natural way to allow the skin to look as flawless - but as real - as possible.

Here are a few of my top products to achieve a lightweight and natural effect on the skin.

If you are conscious of your skin and complexion, the best remedy for this is always skincare. I cannot recommend a one size fits all skincare routine, as everyone requires individually tailored and personalised products.

Dry skin can appear dull, with puffiness or indentations under the eyes. It so important to keep the skin hydrated with your daily moisturiser. I love using a moisturiser that I can see instantly making a difference, such as Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream (£24). With this, I immediately see the skin relax and absorb the product - it is also amazing as it is not excessively thick in texture so make-up can be applied straight away.

Once you have applied your moisturiser, I recommend using a serum. This will act as an accelerator to your skincare and in particular your moisturiser.

I love using the La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 serum (£37). This serum plumps the skin and, in doing so, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving skin hydration and texture.

Once you have prepped your skin as above, it is time for my all time favourite product - primer! I love the versatility that a primer can give.

There are so many different types of primers: some add dew and shine to the skin, some reduce shine, some can give a smooth texture, and others can provide colour correction. One of my favourite primers can be used by a multitude of skin types and tones: Make-up Atelier Paris Airbrush in shade Naked (£14). This is a lightweight, liquid, iridescent formula which adds shine to the skin. It should only be used on the high parts of the face, where light will naturally bounce off, so use sparingly to create a dreamy dewy complexion.

Unless you are Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner, concealer is a lifesaver. For 'free the freckle' inspired make-up, I believe it is important to use a concealer that is similar to your skin tone. It does need to be ever so slightly lighter in tone to lighten and brighten areas, but cannot be noticeable as I will be recommending a lightweight sheer coverage foundation and this will not cover a super light toned concealer. For this, try IsaDora Cover Up Foundation & Concealer (£4.20). This blends seamlessly into the skin for a comfortable long lasting hold with a second skin feel.

For foundation, the lighter in coverage the better. This will allow the skin to look real and natural. Try Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (£35). This is a natural-looking coverage with unexpectedly weightless, 16-hour wear. It is highly pigmented and builds and blends effortlessly onto the skin.

As for powder, some of my clients love it while others hate it - but I believe it is all about what you want from it and which one you choose. In my opinion, powder is not a foundation alternative and should be used as an accessory to your make-up routine. I adore using a loose setting powder to set my base and create a blurred flawless effect across the face. For this try Maybelline Master Fix Loose Translucent Powder (£7.99).

5 tips for a 'barely there' face

1. Want to add more of a freckle effect onto the skin? Use a small amount of brown or ash blonde shadow onto an angle brush and in small sharp motions on the upper cheek add freckles to the skin.

2. Add a hydrating mist to your make-up and skincare routine. This will make the skin look fresh and hydrated.

3. When applying concealer, use a blending brush.

4. Build up your products in small amounts as this will allow the make-up to look more natural and even.

5. Powder is so important in giving your make-up longevity throughout the day, so do not miss this step.

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