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Make-up masterclass: How to add a little green to your make-up bag

Paddy McGurgan is one of NI's best-known beauty experts and ahead of St Patrick's Day celebrations he tells you how to add a little green to your make-up bag

The Duke Duchess of Cambridge after attending the St Patrick's Day parade
Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
The Duke Duchess of Cambridge after attending the St Patrick's Day parade Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

By Paddy McGurgan

Whether you are enjoying the St Patrick's Day parades or well and truly drowning the shamrock, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to incorporate small amounts of green into your make-up.

Here are some non-Shrek like tips and products to give you the perfect St Patrick's look.

This weekend's weather is forecast to be dry and cold, so as well as wrapping up warm you need to protect your skin with a hydrating moisturiser to help defend against the cold weather conditions. For this I recommend trying Balance Me Moisture Rich Cream (£24).

Balance Me Moisture Rich Cream (£24).

This is a face cream that instantly hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling plump, smooth and relaxed for make-up. Add three pumps to the skin and massage in upward motions.

For foundation, it's all about the coverage. I'm really loving the M&S Autograph collection - in particular, their Fluid Touch Foundation (£15).

M&S Autograph Fluid Touch Foundation (£15).

Not only does it has SPF, it is really lightweight and has a dropper applicator which means you waste less product. The product is really build-able, so you achieve nice coverage without being caked.

For a beautifully strong contour, less is more, and a compact matte earth powder is the perfect bronzer for building a natural gradient of dark to light. My absolute pet peeve is a horrible ashy dark streak on the upper cheek - bronzer is meant to create a beautiful warmth of colour on the bone structure. M3 Compact Earth Powder by Make Up Studio (£27.50) is amazing for this.


Blusher is the perfect way to brighten a dull and tired complexion. It is spring after all, so choose a light pink colour, such as NARS blusher in shade Orgasm (£23).

NARS blusher in shade Orgasm (£23).

Their blushers are finely milled and will build beautifully on the skin so as to not to create a harsh streak of colour on the face at once.

For all-day strong, striking brows, I would pick up Make Up Forever's Aqua Brow (Make up Pro Store Belfast, £19.95).

Make Up Forever's Aqua Brow (Make up Pro Store Belfast, £19.95)

Aqua Brow is a waterproof eyebrow corrector that fills, defines and lengthens brows. Formulated with volatile oil and carnauba wax, its creamy gel texture gives an even, natural result with a long-lasting hold. The result remains flawless throughout the day.

To add green to your look, why not add small amounts of the colour to your liner. You can add liquid liner on your top lid, such as Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner Emerald Green (Superdrug, £3.99).

Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner Emerald Green (Superdrug, £3.99).

This is a long-lasting, easy to use liquid liner for an intense result. Another way to add green into your make-up is to use some matte green shadows. As scary as this may seem, green is a beautiful colour to mix with brown tones. Simply use your green shadow through your crease as your transition colour, then darken on the outside of the lid with your deep brown tones to give you a subtle hint of green. Try e.l.f. Top Hits 18 Palette (£11.20).

e.l.f. Top Hits 18 Palette (£11.20).

There's always that one shade in every palette that you covet and e.l.f. took all of those shades and put them into one, iconic 18-pan palette with only the most swatch-worthy shades, designed to inspire bold, vibrant looks. The luxe formula is smooth, creamy, blendable and ultra-pigmented for effortless application.

If you love to be a little extra then use some lightweight pigments and glitters to really turn the heat up on your St Patrick's Day look. This can be packed on to the centre of the eye for a spotlight effect. Simply use fixing spray or a glitter adhesive and a flat eyeshadow brush. Do not use a blending brush as you will not have control over the product- a flat eyeshadow brush allows you to pack the product straight into the eye with minimal fall-out.

Make Up Studio Cosmetic Glimmer Effects in shade 'Emerald' (£12)

A pigment is a lightweight - almost like a crushed eyeshadow-like texture - that packs on to the skin and usually does not require an adhesive as it is so finely milled. It can be used on the lid or in the inner corner of the eye for an extra punch. Try NYX Professional Makeup Shimmer Eyeshadow Pigments (£6.50) which makes it easy to create a sparkling spectrum of captivating eye looks.

NYX Professional Makeup Shimmer Eyeshadow Pigments (£6.50)

Paddy's top tips for making your make-up last longer

1.  Always use a setting powder, preferably a loose powder, as this will only add longevity to the skin and will not add coverage (like a pressed powder would).

2. Use a setting spray - not only do these feel amazing on the skin, they will attach to your make-up and skin to ensure you get maximum longevity throughout the day. Use a moisturiser - this will relax the skin and allow your complexion to sit easily and longer on the skin.

3. Use a primer specific to your skin. This allows your foundation and concealer to have something to adhere to, ensuring all-day wear.

4. And lastly, do not touch your face. Clients tell me they cannot get their make-up to stay on their face, upon which I often get a baby wipe and ask them to wipe their hands, and they have most of their make-up on their hands from unwittingly touching their face throughout the day.

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