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Make-up masterclass: Paddy McGurgan quashes 4 mature skin myths

Paddy McGurgan is one of NI's best-known beauty experts and each week he tells us all you need to know about the latest make-up techniques and trends

Dame Helen Mirren attending the European premiere of Collateral Beauty, held at the Vue Leicester Square, London.
Dame Helen Mirren attending the European premiere of Collateral Beauty, held at the Vue Leicester Square, London.

Party season is upon us, ladies - and that means no more of those same make-up tones you have been using all year.

It's time to kickstart your beauty routine with a bit more fun and sparkle. As an educational trainer in make-up I often feel that artists can use sweeping and untrue statements when using certain products on mature or older clients. However, I actually find mature clients the most fun to create make-up looks on. Choosing the right product is the key to success, while it is also crucial you understand why you are using it, how it will benefit you and the client and it achieves the finish you want.

Following your skincare routine, the ideal first step is your make-up primer. Primer is definitely in my top three make-up products and I could not do a make-up application without it. I adore using products that I can actually see working on the skin in front of my eyes.

I also love how tailored primers are - you can get a primer for everything, whether it's hydration, combination skin, to add radiance to dull tired skin, colour correction, pore and smoothing and so much more.

For mature and glamorous looks, I could use anything up to three primers to target specific areas of the skin. These are so lightweight that the skin does not feel that it is wearing product, but you can see the results straight away.

I know that this may seem a little bit intense, so what I would concentrate on is minimising pores and creating a smoothing effect on the skin. This will reduce the appearance of fine lines and texture to give your foundation an even base. For this try Origins Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb (£27).

If you're conscious of fine lines and wrinkles, it can often be hard to counteract any discoloration in the skin, especially under the eye, as some concealers can be very heavy in areas and highlight fine lines.

I highly recommend using a lightweight liquid concealer to buff under the eye or on any blemish to correct redness. Try Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector (£23.50, Boots), an ultra-sheer concealer that works to cancel out colour noise around the delicate eye area. This unique corrector neutralises dark circles, smooths uneven skin and reduces fine lines to create a flawless complexion. As we age, our eyes tend to sag and appear smaller, so we need to find ways to brighten and lighten the eyes to allow them to appear bigger.

Darkness always makes the eyes appear smaller, so if you love full eye make-up, why not try a concealer pencil in your waterline as opposed to a black kohl. A concealer pencil simply corrects any natural redness found in the waterline and will make the eye appear brighten and bigger - for any daytime look, try NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Pencil (£4.50, Boots).

If you want a strong lip colour this festive season, then opt for a cream based lip colour to give the appearance of fuller luscious lips. For this I love using Make up Studio Lipstick No.34 (£16.50).

4 myths about mature skin

Older women cannot wear shimmer

I could not disagree more. This depends on the shimmer product you choose, but shimmer in light layers packed with a flat brush will add small amounts of sparkle to give the client a brightened night-time appearance. Always press the product onto the eye thoroughly to ensure it does not sit in any creases or folds of skin on the eye.

Older women cannot wear powder or liquid highlighter

This depends on the individual - for example, if you have dry, dull or tired skin and want a lift of radiance in your skin, then a soft and gentle dewy primer will help. Be careful where you place your product - you want light to hit the skin. If you are conscious of fine lines and the signs of ageing around the upper cheekbone, then place small areas around the outer section of the face for a subtle touch of glow.

Full coverage concealer is a no-no for older women

Again, I must disagree with this. There are so many amazing full coverage concealers available on the market at the moment which are packed with lightweight, collagen-boosting formulas - the key is choosing the correct one. Ideally, choose a liquid base concealer and buff this in light layers using a fluffy small brush. This will aid the skin in absorbing the product and ensure the product does not crease or fold in fine lines.

Strong lip colours only highlight fine lines around the mouth area

I feel women should wear colour and the bolder, the better, especially coming into the festive season. If you are conscious of fine lines around the lip area, then use a cream-based lipstick, to allow the lips to appear hydrated, luscious and give a night-time glamorous appearance.

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