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Make-up masterclass: Top colour tips for a flawless summer vibe

Paddy McGurgan is one of NI's best-known beauty experts and over the coming weeks he'll tell you all you need to know about the latest make-up techniques

Top colour tips for a flawless finish
Top colour tips for a flawless finish

By Paddy McGurgan

Summer has well and truly arrived, so why not make it your beauty goal to incorporate a little more colour into your make-up?

The main way to add vibrancy is to the eye area. If you're a little sceptical on the colour front, then simply place a vibrant colour onto your waterline.

This is striking for a night out and will really create a slick look with minimal effort. Try NYX Professional Make-up Holographic Halo Cream Eyeliner (£11, Boots).

If you are using a bright eyeshadow and find that your colours are just not strong or vibrant enough, I highly recommend using a cream base. This will really intensify the eye make-up and give your shadow a base to work from. For this you can try a light-coloured concealer or a coloured cream liner - whichever colour suits your eye make-up.

If I want to make white and light-coloured shades pop more, I use a white-coloured concealer such as Light 1 Concealer from Make-up Studio (£12.50, Make-up Pro Store).

When experimenting with colour, I recommend taking time to play and play around with different styles and colours. The best colours to start off with are pink tones - these will begin to break down the fear factor surrounding colour. Try the Revolution Pro Regeneration Eyeshadow Palette Mischiefmaker (£8, Revolution PRO Regeneration Palettes), which brings together 18 rich eyeshadows.

Top Tip: to give your eye make-up an extra hint of colour, use a soft, fluffy blending eyeshadow brush. Use your light pink colours to warm up your crease, then add your dark cranberry tones just underneath to create depth.

Another amazing way to add colour into your make-up is to use pigments and glitter.

I am an absolute glitter-holic and can use up to 10 different glitters on an eye make-up look. I love mixing pigments and glitter to create my own unique gradient of colour. Try a finer-milled glitter, which will be easy to apply and control and will be more subtle on the eyes.

For this, try INGLOT Cosmetics Body Sparkles (£14), which come in a variety of shapes and colours to be used on nails, lips and all over the body, excluding eyes.

Another way to add colour and vibrancy to your eye make-up, which we are finding increasingly popular, is coloured liner on the top eyelid.

I always recommend using liquid liner as this is the easiest and smoothest liner you can use on the top of the eye. Try NYX Professional Make-up Vivid Brights Eyeliner (£6). Statement liner is one of the most recent catwalk beauty trends to go mainstream, and this gorgeous Vivid Brights Eyeliner is the perfect way to sport it. Available in an array of rainbow hues, it's a simple yet effective way to create a statement make-up look.

My final way to add colour to your make-up is potentially the most simple yet effective way, and this is through a strong, bold lip. This will create the appearance of dramatic make-up with minimal effort. I love using a matte finish as I find that these give you the all-day wear we all need. For this try Lime Crime Matte Velvetines, which come in more than 30 shades and will give you the strongest pigmented finish ever.

Top colour tips for a flawless finish

1. Always use an eye primer when you begin your eye make-up. This will give the eyeshadow something to adhere to, but it's lightweight on the eyelid so won't add weight or excess pressure on the eyelid.

2. When adding glitters onto the eye for embellishment purposes, always use an adhesive glitter glue, which will reduce the chance of fallout onto the cheek and under-eye area.

3. When blending your eyeshadow, always be as light-handed as possible and build up your colour slowly. This will avoid going in with any harsh colour and will avoid harsh lines and unblended edges.

4. For blending colour back into the skin, use an iridescent shade at the edges.

5. When applying a strong lip colour and you find that the outside line is a bit on the bumpy side, correct any mistakes with a touch of foundation applied with an angled brush around the lip line

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