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Make-up masterclass: Top tips to ace your glow this summer

Northern Ireland beauty expert Paddy McGurgan tells us all we need to know about the latest make-up techniques and trends

Top tips to ensure you glow this summer
Top tips to ensure you glow this summer

By Paddy McGurgan

The highlighter craze swept the beauty industry five years ago and it doesn't look like it will die out any time soon as people are still obsessed with all things luminous and shimmery.

With a vast amount of options available to suit different skin tones and textures, I have composed a list of my favourite highlighters so you can shine bright like a diamond:

Powder highlighter

Make Up Studio Champagne Halo, £23.50, Make Up Pro Store

makeup_masterclass (12).jpg
Make Up Studio Champagne Halo, £23.50

I adore Champagne Halo because it's a powder highlight that can also be used as a shimmer eye shadow. This rose gold shimmer is super pigmented so you really get more for your money as it takes very little product to achieve the desired look. Use with a small fan brush just above the cheek bone for a natural pop of highlight.

Highlighter - Afterglow, £12, Topshop

Afterglow is a limited edition shade from Topshop's best-selling silky powder highlighter range. The shimmering gold tone will add lightness and radiance to the face and body, perfect for the summer season. This is a beautiful highlighter and I recommend that you pick it up while you still can.

Liquid highlighter

Make Up Atelier Eclat Makeup Base, £18.50, Make Up Pro Store

makeup_masterclass (7).jpg
Make Up Atelier Eclat Makeup Base, £18.50

I like to use liquid highlighters on the high parts of the face to create a dewy complexion, luminosity and a freshness to the skin. Formulated with light-enhancing and reflective pigments, this product can be applied before foundation for a more subtle appearance, or after foundation for a more light-catching - and eye-catching - look.

NYX Born to Glow, £8.99, Boots

makeup_masterclass (9).jpg
NYX Born to Glow, £8.99

Try this lightweight, multi-functional illuminator to capture a stunning glow. Use as a base or mix with your foundation for a refreshed, luminous complexion. I find that a little goes a long way with his product.

Cream highlighter

Illamasqua Gleam Highlighter - Aurora, £25, Make up Pro Store

makeup_masterclass (8).jpg
Illamasqua Gleam Highlighter Aurora, £25

Gleam is a fantastic cream highlighter - the lightweight, iridescent cream textre is ideal for easy, instant highlighting. This no-fuss product contains sheer, pearlescent pigments which are enriched with skin-boosting vitamin E and mica minerals, leaving you with silky smooth and glowing skin.

Barry M Illuminating Strobing Cream - Iced Bronze, £4.49, Superdrug

makeup_masterclass (11).jpg
Barry M Illuminating Strobing Cream - Iced Bronze

This cream highlighter proves that you don't need to break the bank to enjoy beauty trends. For a dewy glow, sweep this lightly over the skin or for that must-have dramatic look, apply an extra few layers. Its convenient shape and creamy consistency makes applying and blending a total breeze and builds beautifully on to the skin.

Five tips to ensure you glow this summer

1. Choose a highlighter that suits your skin tone so it can blend seamlessly into your skin and still create a subtle touch of glow to. Think more Kylie Jenner, less Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.

2. If you have ageing or dry, dehydrated skin and are conscious of fine lines (especially around the high cheek bones) then use a cream instead. This will create a more subtle glow and will not expose texture or add unwanted attention.

3. For an intense glow, spray your highlighter brush with a fixing spray or even try Mario Badescu's Aloe Rosewater Facial Spray, then apply your highlighter. This will intensify the impact of your product leaving a highlight that will be blinding.

4. Be very cautious when applying highlighter, use your brush with a light hand to create a soft focus effect.

5. Remember if you have a powder highlight, you have an eye shadow, too. Use this all over your lid for a subtle, day-time look.

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