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Margot Robbie: ‘Designers won’t make heels for my big feet!’

Margot Robbie “laughed like crazy” when she had to act seductive on the set of Calvin Klein’s Deep Euphoria campaign.

Margot Robbie often struggles to find shoes to fit her because her feet are so big.

The 26-year-old actress rarely looks anything but flawless on the red carpet. But when it comes to preparing for these events, Suicide Squad star Margot has one aspect of her ensemble that she finds the most difficult to organise.

“I have big feet. Do you know how embarrassing it is when you ask for a shoe and they look at you like, ‘No, we don't make these heels for Bigfoot, sorry,’” she told “And I'm 5'6. I'm not that tall!”

Margot collaborates with stylist Kate Young to find outfits for her events, with the professional also working alongside Selena Gomez and Michelle Williams among others.

And it’s Kate’s ability to tailor looks to her individual clients that Margot found so appealing.

“I liked that with Kate, everyone looked like themselves, and they also looked their age,” she smiled. “I'm 26. I've got the rest of my life to wear something really safe. She's super subtle with her styling, but it's tailored to the person she's dressing.”

As well as acting, Margot is frequently called upon for modelling work thanks to her stunning appearance.

Her latest campaign sees her smoulder while promoting Calvin Klein’s Deep Euphoria fragrance, but acting sexy on set isn’t something that comes naturally to the Australian.

“I laughed like crazy on the Deep Euphoria set, especially when there was a shot where I was supposed to look seductive or sensually drape myself on the couch or something,” she said. “Inevitably, a sequin would get caught on the couch, or I'd lean too far over and there would be a nip slip with my dress. Then the crew yells, ‘Cut! Your boob's out!’ and the whole set hears it. Oops. Sorry.”

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