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Margot Robbie ‘follows Crazy 8 exercise routine’

Margot Robbie is said to work out hard so she can indulge in food treats more.

Margot Robbie reportedly had a hardcore exercise regime tailored to her so she didn’t transform into “the Hulk”.

The Australian actress can currently be seen showing off her enviable figure in DC Comics’ Suicide Squad as Harley Quinn, rocking an array of crop tops, hot pants and fishnet tights. Prior to this she made the brave decision to appear nude opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Margot takes her exercise regime seriously, with America's OK! Magazine reporting the blonde star, 26, is devoted to the Crazy 8 workout, comprising of eight intervals of eight exercises to build flexibility and muscle tone.

“It’s often used by body builders, but she had it tailored so she wouldn’t turn into the Hulk,” a source told the publication. “(The exercises) only require one set of dumbbells or body weight resistance, so she can do the routine anywhere, even a hotel room.”

It’s thought this freedom allows her to partake in the regime five days a week.

Because of her dedication to fitness, Margot can still tuck into whatever food she wants. Rather than cutting calories, the star doesn’t deprive herself of treats.

“Margot is willing to do whatever it takes for roles, but she loves food too much to spend her life on a diet,” the source added. “She prefers to work out harder so she can indulge a little more.”

The star herself has previously opened up about how much she loves to eat, admitting she has no intention of cutting out one of her biggest passions.

“I get miserable if I don’t eat,” she explained. “I can’t just have a salad every day and half a glass of wine every second day. Can’t do it.”

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