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Margot Robbie’s two week Suicide Squad workout plan

Margot Robbie worked out for three hours a day to play Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

Margot Robbie had just two weeks to get into shape for Suicide Squad.

The 26-year-old blonde is known for her statuesque and flawless figure, and previously went full frontal in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

But when it came to toning up to play Harley Quinn in the latest comic book adaptation, Margot was put through her paces by personal trainer Andie Hecker.

Andie was given a fortnight to get Margot ready for her revealing costumes in the movie, so decided to up the actress’ usual hour-long workouts to three-hour ones.

“It was very intense,” Andie told of Margo’s regime, adding that she wouldn’t recommend it as a choice "for anyone who isn't a highly trained athlete."

Margot would kick off her three-hour session with “45 minutes to an hour of swimming laps - freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke”, before moving to the gym to do an hour of full-body exercises and toning moves on the Pilates reformer machine.

"The end of the day would be another cardio blast, of jumping using the rebounder, jump rope, Bosu (to skip across and jump on and off of), and ballet jumps - the hardest jumps of the bunch," Andie concluded.

For the majority of Margot’s scenes in the film, she had to wear a tiny pair of hotpants, so Andie did her best to concentrate on perfecting the actress’ shapely rear for the big screen.

“The one muscle group I tried to build up was the butt since it was on display in those tiny shorts," she said.

One scene in particular sees Margot flashing her washboard stomach in an ab-baring ensemble, making the stomach another area Andie focused on.

“I also focused on making her abs flat, working the deep (transverse) abdominals and keeping the top layer of abs from building outward," she explained. "Her abs were perfect by the end of our two-week grueling push."

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