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Marios Schwab: Wear whatever suits you

Marios Schwab says the key to looking stylish is to “know yourself”.

The designer has won numerous awards, and his new take on classic designs has seen him quickly become a firm favourite with Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue and Chloe Sevigny.

Marios thinks people often put too much stock in designers, when what really matters is working out what suits your body and what makes you feel comfortable.

“Know yourself,” he replied, when asked for his biggest style tips. “Women like Catherine Deneuve know what suits them – whether it's a dress shape or the cut of a trouser or a love of statement jewellery. It's about creating a style rather than following trends.

“The way a woman moves is what makes her stylish. The way she handles her handbag or carries her jewellery It's more about feeling, and it's hard to describe. People who are comfortable in themselves are sexy.”

Marios always thinks of comfort when he is creating a line. He has no desire to don something fashion-forward but painful, and is sure most people feel the same. That said, he still likes his creations to look beautiful.

He says fabric plays a key part in the design process, and he’s been fascinated with textiles from an early age. “Be imaginative. I was a curious kid, so I would always open my mother's and aunt's wardrobes to touch the fabrics in there. I still draw inspiration from my surroundings,” he told

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