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Mark Wahlberg’s unwavering dedication to fitness

Mark Wahlberg finds it hard to snap back into shape again if he stops training now he’s 45.

Mark Wahlberg’s trainer is blown away by the actor’s dedication to fitness.

The Oscar-nominated star often shows off his strong physique in his film roles, including upcoming real-life tale Deepwater Horizon, based on the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

Staying in peak physical form is high on Mark’s priority list, and he trains hard with fitness expert Brian Nguyen to achieve his body goals.

“(He is) one of the most dedicated, strictly regimented athletes I know. He’s a creature of habit and doesn’t like to change routine once it’s set,” Brian told Men’s Health.

“There’s more than enough time in a day as long as you; no burning the candle at both ends,” Mark shrugged in reply. “As long as I’m not going out and getting crazy, I’m good... I get eight hours of sleep.”

Mark’s fitness regime is made up of pre-dawn workouts five times a week, where “he goes into beast mode”, says Brian, taking barely any rest time. Brian adds the star amps it up with complex movements and loads.

Mark often switches up his shape for film roles, but the 45-year-old finds it’s not as easy on his body as it once was.

“It’s harder the older you get, that’s why staying in shape and maintaining is always easier than going from one extreme to the other, heavy to getting in shape to stopping training and getting heavy again,” he explained.

To get him in to form for the new Transformers movie, The Last Knight, Brian helped Mark strip back some of the bulk he needed for Deepwater Horizon. As his body needed to be leaner, Mark upped his arm exercises to make sure his biceps and triceps were defined, with a mixture of arm curls, pushups and press down moves.

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