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Mary J. Blige has ‘effortless’ fragrance

Mary J. Blige says her new fragrance My Life Blossom is “effortless”.

The 40-year-old singer enjoyed great success with her debut perfume, My Life, and has been filming the commercial for its follow-up My Life Blossom.

In a behind-the-scenes video Mary explained how laidback the scent is, revealing it makes her feel immaculate.

“I feel clean and fresh and beautiful,” she told ET Online.

“It’s a very light fragrance, effortless, not really anything to think about.”

Mary says My Life Blossom has a “lighter, cleaner, fresher smell” than predecessor My Life. The star has discussed the different scents.

"There were sweeter undertones in the other My Life fragrance," she smiled. "This one has mandarin which is a little cleaner and lighter."

Mary wanted to capture how empowered she feels in the commercial for My Life Blossom. The songstress wants women to love themselves for who they are.

"I believe the vision for today's shoot is being acceptant of one's self," she asserted.

"Just coming into your own and owning yourself."

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