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Milo Ventimiglia follows strict facial hair routine for This Is Us

The star is not emotionally attached to his bearded look.

Actor Milo Ventimiglia has adopted a no-nonsense facial hair regimen for his hit U.S. TV show This Is Us.

His Jack Pearson character sports a mighty beard that has become so famous the look has taken on a persona of its own with fans, but maintaining the thick fuzz is no easy task.

“There are no magic tricks to making your beard grow faster," Milo tells America's GQ of his facial hair grooming routine. "It's just patience. I think hair grows, um, a millimeter every month, or half-inch every six months, or a quarter kilometer every year. I’m really not sure, I think the best thing to do is wash your face and use lotion and just pray that it grows in right.”

The 39-year-old doesn't do anything fancy to keep his facial hair in peak condition, noting he is a "simple guy" who uses nothing but soap and lotion to maintain his much-admired beard.

But Milo has a little advice for men struggling with patchy beards - shave!

"There is nothing wrong with being clean-shaven," he insists. "If you're a little patchy, and you've got your fingers crossed for that nice thick heavy Wisconsin butcher beard, just be OK with looking more like a Wall Street, slick, well-dressed, well-shaven man. Nothing wrong with that."

Although he's enjoying his facial hair for This Is Us, the star isn't particularly attached to beards or moustaches.

"I got paid to wear one," he notes. "So I didn't personally decide, 'Hey, I'm gonna wear a moustache'. It was more like, 'This is what you're doing for work, kid!' So I wore the moustache. But usually, when I'm not working, I just let my beard grow in and let my hair grow out. And see what job is next."

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