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Minka Kelly: 'I love fast food'

The Butler beauty doesn't think she'd enjoy life on a strict diet.

Actress Minka Kelly refuses to deny herself a Big Mac when her fast food cravings kick in.

The Butler star is a trained chef, but all the fancy foods she ate and techniques she learned in culinary school go out the window when she starts dreaming about a burger and fries.

“I love fast food, it’s really bad,” she tells People. “But that’s the truth. I’m not perfect.”

To ensure she doesn't go overboard with junk food, Minka checks in with her body to see how her energy levels are doing.

“I just pay attention to how I’m feeling and try to keep that in check,” she explains. “I know if I’m feeling sluggish.”

And Minka hydrates to make sure her body can cope with her fast food intake on her junk-binge days.

“I just try and make sure I’m drinking enough water,” she says. “I really subscribe to the adage of today’s lack of energy is due to yesterday’s lack of water. I really notice a difference when I’m drinking enough water, how much energy I have the next day.

"So I feel like if I do have a Big Mac, if I just drink so much water it’s just going to wash it all out.”

The 37-year-old beauty doesn't believe in restrictive diets, admitting watching what she eats sucks the joy out of life.

“I just enjoy my life and I enjoy food and I enjoy a glass of wine but I also try and balance it out and take breaks once in a while,” Kelly notes.

When she's not craving a Big Mac and fries, Minka has a "super boring" diet, cooking up "basic but super easy and good for you" meals like broccoli and salmon. She also hosts cookbook recipe dinner parties with her girlfriends for meal inspiration.

"We have a cookbook club where we pick a book and all of us make one dish from that book."

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