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Newry designer replicates Meghan's dress within 22 hours of royal wedding

By Mark Bain

Here it is in all its splendour... Meghan Markle's stunning wedding dress as recreated by Newry fashion designer Shauna Fay less than 22 hours after the world caught a first glimpse outside St George's Chapel, Windsor, on Saturday.

The whirlwind creation of the dress was a collaboration between Shauna and Sharon Patterson, owner of Elody Bride in Newry.

"Shauna thought about trying to do this a few weeks ago and I came on board," said Sharon.

"We weren't really certain what we were letting ourselves in for.

"The whole world saw the dress for the first time at the same time, and we made it from scratch - 22 hours later we had it.

"It was rumoured the dress was going to be quite intricate but in the end it was me taking on making the veil that had most of the detail.

"It's be a non-stop race to see how quickly we could get it ready and we're delighted with how it turned out.

"In the end it was a real team effort.

"We hadn't really imagined it going so well and being ready so quickly, but Shauna had enough time to get a replica of Meghan Markle's evening dress ready as well."

And it didn't end there for Shauna and Sharon as they then embarked on creating a photoshoot yesterday to showcase their efforts.

"We're delighted that Jack Murphy Jewellers, Gemma Murphy in particular, have managed to provide a rather valuable diamond for the crown, which was reproduced by Donna Mackin Millinary," said Sharon.

"Martina Crilly created the bouquets and the venue dressing and Suzanne Strain of Chocolate Brown, Markethill provided the make-up."

The girls even found a Meghan Markle lookalike, model Cleo Parkinson, and completed their frantic work with a photo shoot by Rashida Keenan at Newry Cathederal and Darver Castle.

The completed dresses will be on display at Elody Bride in Newry and the girls hope to move it to the Quays Shopping Centre later this week.

"We're not sure what we'll do with it after that," said Sharon.

"It's just something we wanted to try to do.

"We've managed to do it and we're delighted, but we're totally knackered now!"

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