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Nicole Kidman: I don’t accept handouts

Nicole Kidman has branded it "tacky" when stars accept free clothes.

The actress revealed she would rather pay for something herself than rely on handouts from designers.

The 45-year-old star is offered a variety of designer's ensembles on a daily basis but unlike other celebrities who jump at a freebie, she prefers to use her own cash to buy her clothes.

"Never would I take free clothes," Nicole declared to The Hollywood Reporter. "That would be so... tacky. These people work so hard to make beautiful things - you have to appreciate that."

The willowy red haired beauty has made a lucrative career from her striking looks. She has starred in an iconic Chanel No.5 advert and promotes luxury watch line Omega.

Nicole made her usual elegant appearance on the 2013 Golden Globe Awards red carpet recently where she showed up in a sleek black dress by Alexander McQueen.

While she might not rely on designer handouts, Nicole does count on the advice of her husband Keith Urban when it comes to getting ready for an event.

Nicole explained how Keith had the deciding factor on what she would wear to the ceremony.

“He said, ‘That’s hot. Wear that,’” Nicole revealed at the event.

“I gave her two thumbs up," Keith joked about the ensemble his wife wore. "That was it."

Keith isn't the only male appreciating Nicole's appearance of late.

In her recent movie The Paperboy, Nicole showed off a super sexy ‘60s style. Nicole has joked that landing the role led to director Lee Daniels developing a fascination with her butt.

"Lee [Daniels] had an obsession about shooting me from behind — he was obsessed with my (bottom)!" Nicole joked to The Hollywood Reporter. "To me, that was so funny — he's hilarious, I love him. I'm drawn to Lee for his wild nature."

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