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Northern Ireland Fashion Spy: Cheryl Cole always looks glamorous

Kerry McKittrick checks out the style in Belfast City Centre

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Siobhan Cummins (21) Retail assistant, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £45, Topshop; necklace, £16, boots, £75, both from River Island.

Why? I like wearing dresses to work but normally I'll go for shirts and skinny jeans.

Who? I love Cheryl Cole's style as she always looks glamorous but I think Tulisa never gets it right.

Monthly spend £300


Karen Gibson (22) Retail assistant, Dromore

Wore what? Dress, £28, jacket, £30, boots, £50, all Topshop; hat, £20, Urban Outfitters.

Why? I tend to wear dresses and I love accessories like hats. My style is a little different. I don't like slouchy clothes.

Who? Fearne Cotton has a lovely style. I don't like how Katy Perry dresses, she shows too much.

Monthly spend £200


Emma Ferris (20) Mum, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £15, H&M; top, £17, jeans, £35, Topshop; bag, £10, shoes, £10, Primark.

Why? I tend to throw things together but I do like to have a feminine look. I hate those stripy, Beetlejuice-style leggings that people wear.

Who? Alexa Chung has a nice style as she's a little bit different. Katie Price just looks cheap.

Monthly spend £50


Therese Hill (22) Care Student, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £25, top, £10, both from Primark; bag, present, Next; disco pants, £12, River Island.

Why? My style is mostly casual but I do like to add a bit of glam to whatever I'm wearing. I really don't like seeing black and navy worn together as they clash.

Who? I love Victoria Beckham's style. It's the way I would like to dress if I had the money. I think Paloma Faith's style is too out there.

Monthly spend £50-100


Siobhan McGuern (32) Civil servant, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £60, top, £35, both from Zara; shirt, £15, H&M; jeans, £30, Topshop; bag, £32, boutique in Cushendall; boots, £50, New Look.

Why? My style is comfortable and preppy and I do like a bit of colour thrown in. I don't like Ugg boots as they're too clumpy.

Who? Kate Moss has a lovely, comfy style but I don't like Rihanna. She looks very cheap for someone who has so much money.

Monthly spend £200-300



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