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Northern Ireland wonder woman Kerry Green scales new heights in fitness fashion world



Kerry Green as Wonder Woman

Kerry Green as Wonder Woman

Kerry Green training in the gym

Kerry Green training in the gym


Kerry Green as Wonder Woman

A Strabane fitness model has overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges in life to scoop one of the most prestigious sporting modelling accolades in the world.

Twenty-six-year-old Kerry Green scooped third prize at the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) show at London's O2 Arena on Saturday and now has her eyes fixed on the number one spot in Las Vegas next year.

The Costa barista was crowned Ireland's first Pro Diva Fitness Model in May and has come a long way from the 16-year-old girl who was grieving the loss of her father to suicide and getting into constant trouble with the police.

"I am just delighted," she said.

"I put a lot of work and training into this. It was my fourth show in two years and it took a lot out of my body.

"I'm taking a year off now to give my body a rest and then it's back to gearing up for the world championships in Las Vegas next year."

Kerry came away with the title of WBFF Pro-Figure Model, a quantity of cash and a gold medal.

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She said that after surviving on a very strict diet over the last couple of months, she has been spending her winnings mostly on pizza.

"I have been eating chicken and vegetables all day every day for the past month," she added.

"I never want to see either ever again. I've been eating pizza non-stop since the weekend, but I'm going to be good again and eat healthily with just treats at the weekend.

"I'm taking some time off now to focus on my business and improving myself a little.

"I want to take on personal training and to teach girls how to bring the sass to the stage. People call me the 'sass queen' or the 'booty builder' so I might call my business one of those names."

Kerry has had to work very hard to get the success she is now enjoying and the journey hasn't been easy.

"My childhood growing up was not the best," she said.


Kerry Green training in the gym

Kerry Green training in the gym

Kerry Green training in the gym


"I have had my fair share of heartache and pain. My world collapsed at 16.

"My father was always very bad with depression. He had issues with alcohol and took his own life. I had a lot of stuff to carry as a teenager.

"I went a bit off the rails after that. I would have gone out drinking and my temper would have been really bad.

"I might not have come home for my mother and I got into trouble with the police.

"People deal with grief in different ways, I blocked it all out. My self esteem was so low. I thought I was ugly and I hated myself. I then decided that I didn't want to live my life like this and that I needed to change. But I didn't really know how to change.

"Then my boyfriend, Danny McCrory, came into my life and changed it for the better.

"He made me feel happy. He took me to my first ever fitness show and from seeing the girls on stage, all looking absolutely amazing, something inside me switched on. I knew there and then that's what I wanted to do.

"The rest is history."

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