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Paris Hilton: ‘I love that Juicy’s back!’

Paris Hilton takes 10 of her perfumes on holiday so she has one for every mood.

Paris Hilton is beyond thrilled that Juicy Couture tracksuits are back in fashion.

The hotel heiress became known for wearing the velour two-pieces in the early noughties, when her reality TV show The Simple Life was a massive hit.

Now, almost two decades later, the tracksuits are once again on-trend, and Paris, for one, is delighted.

“I'm actually wearing one right now - it’s black. I love them,” she said during an interview with “I literally own so many and I just bought a whole bunch of new ones. They're so comfortable, and I never stopped liking them.

“I don't know how people didn't like them, but it's really cool to see that they're coming back in such a huge way. There's no sweat suit that's this comfortable and looks good. I love that Juicy’s back!”

As well as making a name for herself as a DJ in recent years, Paris has also enjoyed enormous success with her perfume line. She recently launched her 23rd scent, Rose Rush, and hopes that women feel “confident and sexy” when they wear it.

“I just wanted to create a fragrance that makes a woman feel confident and romantic and sexy when she sprays it,” she explained. “And I wanted the bottle to be feminine and sexy, just like the scent. With the pink glitter on it, it's very girly and very ‘me’.”

With 23 perfumes under her belt, Paris certainly doesn’t struggle when it comes to finding a scent to wear. However, the 36-year-old star admits she has to limit herself when it comes to which ones she can take with her when she goes away.

“I don't bring all 23 with me when I travel, because that’s so many bottles,” she laughed. “I bring maybe 10 of them. It just depends on what mood I'm in. I have so many fragrances that there's literally one for each kind of mood.”

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