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Patricia Field: Pile on jewellery

Patricia Field has advised women to wear all their gold and silver jewellery together this season.

The stylist famously created the costumes seen on American TV show Sex and the City and the subsequent movies. She’s given her top tips on how to look fashion forward over the next few months, explaining it is key for women to wear what they want without worrying about what others think.

“Mixing up your jewellery is always visually interesting. People say you shouldn’t wear silver and gold – I disagree. Gold and silver sit very well together. Wear lots of jewellery at once and have fun with it,” she insisted.

Patricia also wants people to stop being scared of colour. Colour blocking will continue to do big business for the rest of the year, so she says hues aren’t something which can be ignored.

“If you’re going to colour block, rather than investing in two colours, just pick one colour from your wardrobe and wear it from head to toe,” she advised in the September issue of InStyle.

Texture is another big look and is also easy to introduce to your wardrobe. Patricia advises layering ripped jeans over lace tights for an instantly edgy look.

Patterns are another key trend and something people are often wary of. That has to stop says Patricia, as they are the easiest way to make fashion fun.

“When mixing your prints, make sure they have something in common, whether this is a colour or a fabric theme,” she explained. “For example, pair a black leopard print with a yellow-and-black zebra print.”

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