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Pear shaped women healthier, Congress on Obesity is told

It might not be the best shaped for on-trend skinny jeans but when it comes to be being pear-shaped, it is the healthiest body shape possible, according to new research.

Bigger bottomed gals are healthier than apple-shaped women with smaller posteriers and thicker middles as studies have shown that fat that gathers round the stomach is particularly harmful.

However, studies of merely waste circumference and that of the BMI (Bodymass index) whose formula sometimes classes athletes as technically obese because of the weight of their honed muscle, have been found to fall short of the mark as the healthiest rule of thumb.

The solution, claims Dr Margaret Ashwell, is to aim to keep your waist measurement under half that of our height, meaning women of 5ft 4in should have a waste below 32in while a man of 5ft 10in should not let their wasteband exceed 35in, according to the Irish Daily Mail.

Study leader Dr Ashwell, an independent consultant and former science director of the British Nutrition Foundation, presented the findings at the 19th Congress on Obesity in Lyon, France.

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