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Pearly greats make a comeback

Pearls are back on the scene again, but we're not talking about necklaces. Katie Wright selects the chicest pieces

They've got a bit of a reputation haven't they? The average fashionista wouldn't be seen dead in a string of shimmery pearls, seeing as they've not been in vogue since that short spell in the early-Noughties when long strings of costume pearl beads had a brief resurgence.

Since then, pearl jewellery has been the preserve of grannies (which we love) and a certain brand of upmarket American, so much so that 'pearl clutcher' has become a mocking term for people who are too uptight for their own good.

But now those cloudy gems are shaking off their goody-two-shoes associations and fast becoming the coolest embellishment of the season.

Dotted on denim or scattered on boots, pearls have taken on a punky attitude that's anything but old-fashioned.

Obviously, you'll still want to steer clear of neat necklaces, but with edgy pieces like these, pearl clutching is heartily encouraged.

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