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Pharrell Williams on being enlightened by high-end fashion

Pharrell Williams can't believe how lucky he has become when it comes to pursuing his passion for fashion.

Pharrell Williams never fully understood high-end fashion back when he was a “nerdy” kid.

The talented musician is considered one of the most stylish men on the planet with his unique aesthetic. While he’s now known for breaking fashion boundaries, Pharrell admits that wasn’t always the case – especially growing up.

“I was like a nerdy little black kid on a skateboard. So looking at high-end fashion was something that I really didn’t understand in the very beginning,” he told WWD. “And then I realised, slowly but surely, man, this is amazing. And although there’s mostly the perception that it’s for women, I just started to see, OK, as a man I can wear some of this. So I would wear sunglasses here, or a jacket there.”

His distinct style hasn’t gone unnoticed either and he’s landed plenty of fashion collaborations, including a firm relationship with luxury label Chanel. He’s starred in campaigns and walked the runway for the brand, but now he’s made even more of a statement by being the first man to feature in its handbag advertisements. Creative director Karl Lagerfeld unveiled the project exclusively to WWD earlier this year (17), with actress Kristen Stewart and model-turned-movie star Cara Delevingne also starring, alongside French star Caroline de Maigret.

Karl tapped Pharrell to stress the Gabrielle tote can be worn in “many different circumstances” by different people, as he added: “It’s not very feminine in the sense of being chichi.”

As for the singer’s involvement, he commented: “It’s crazy. Who knew if you just follow what it is that you’re curious about, it may make sense for you one day - and in a major, major way. I just never dreamt that I would ever be considered in this way, and given all these opportunities.”

He even uses the bag himself in the croc design, storing his phone and personal items in it while on the go.

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