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Prabal Gurung evokes sadness with fashion

Prabal Gurung wanted his latest collection to show the “beautifully melancholic and romantic” nature of giving everything up for love.

The designer’s Fall 11 collection was showed to Florence and the Machine’s version of Addicted to Love, and was inspired by a character from Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations.

Prabal explained when he was younger he didn’t really understand much about Miss Havisham – who was jilted on her wedding day as a young woman – but as he grew older the character began to resonate with him.

“It’s a book that I was given when I was probably six or seven years old,” he told “At that time I was kind of unclear about who she was - she’s a crazy old lady, that’s what I thought. As I got older and kept going back to it, [I found that] there’s something extremely, extremely sad, but all of us can somehow relate to her. There’s something beautifully melancholic and romantic about giving everything up for love, giving so much.”

Using that idea as a backdrop, Prabal came up with models who were young and wistful. While still beautiful, they had the air of decay around them and seemed sad.

The character also features in the pictures to promote the range which have just been revealed. Shot by Daniel Jackson, model Julia Saner is seen with flowing, windswept hair, her hands clamped to her ears as she screams. The pictures will be used online, with Prabal yet to decide if they will be made into a full advertising campaign.

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