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Priyanka Chopra keeps late dad close with charm necklace

The star of the upcoming Baywatch film is a big believer in spirituality.

Priyanka Chopra never leaves home without her late father's lucky charm necklace.

The actress, who picked up a People's Choice actress award for her role in Quantico earlier this month (Jan17), put the special necklace together with her family when her father was diagnosed with cancer in 2005.

"At the beginning of his health battle, my mom bought him this solid gold chain from our family jeweller in India," Priyanka told InStyle. "It had just one charm at the time, an emerald, which according to Hindu astrology, can positively affect your health.

"I'm not a blind believer in many things," Priyanka continues, "but when someone is sick, you do whatever you can to gather prayers. So over the next eight years, my family collected healing charms from around the world to add. My dad hated wearing it - probably because of how heavy it became."

Priyanka explains she had to remove a few charms after her father died in 2013, and the necklace now features eight, including a diamond and gold om symbol, a charm featuring the words of a Muslim prayer for healing, and some rudraksha seeds, which the actress reveals are her favourite charms on the necklace.

"They're rare, so they're considered lucky. My mom got one of them from the head priest at Amarnath (Temple), which is one of the biggest Hindu prayer sites in northern India."

Unsurprisingly, Priyanka, whose Baywatch film is out this summer (17), notes that she wears the necklace almost every day.

"I feel like I'm carrying my family and my country with me wherever I go," she smiles. "This necklace makes me feel rooted."

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