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Rachel Bilson uses hand sanitiser to freshen herself up

Rachel Bilson has revealed the must-have items she keeps in her handbag, including bronzer and lip balm.

Rachel Bilson sometimes uses hand sanitiser to freshen up her armpits.

The Hart of Dixie actress looks flawless no matter what the occasion and it’s all down to the beauty essentials she keeps in her handbag. She isn’t against multi-tasking with certain products and puts things to use in a way that will benefit her.

“I love the lavender Honest hand sanitiser,” she told Us Weekly. “If you need a little freshening up, you can spray it under your armpits. Just saying, sometimes I might do that!”

The 35-year-old will always have Bobbi Brown bronzer on hand to apply throughout the day, as she notes it gives her the perfect touch of colour and “warms” up her fair skin with a quick swish.

Having the perfect pout is important too, with Rachel naming her favourite lip product.

"ChapStick Total Hydration Moisture + Tint lip balms really work. It keeps your lips really moisturised. I love the tinted ones because it adds a little colour - and it’s a really pretty colour! It’s natural and it gives you a little something,” she smiled.

It’s no wonder the brunette beauty is a fan of ChapStick; she was made spokesperson of the brand at the beginning of 2016, explaining the hydrating product has always been a part of her life.

Also in her tote is a vintage Chanel wallet, a white Sheila Stotts brush, a pair of flats to keep her feet comfortable and Honest face wipes.

Snacks aren’t neglected, with Quaker S’mores granola bars and Trident gum joining candy treats.

“They get smushed!” she laughed of sweet treats in her bag. “There’s nothing worse than a Butterfinger that’s flat as hell when you take it out.”

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