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Reba McEntire suffers from stage fright for new outfit debuts

The singer is offering up positive ways to combat pre-show nerves to wannabe stars as part of a MasterClass video series.

Country star Reba McEntire still suffers from stage fright when she's debuting a new outfit or song live.

The singer has opened up about her pre-show nerves as part of a new online MasterClass series, aimed at giving wannabe songwriters and performers a glimpse at the music industry.

"I still get nervous when I go on stage, especially if I've got a new outfit on or if it's a new song and I'm worried about remembering the words," Reba said. "But it's the adrenaline that I get that I really like. Not only are you nervous, but you're excited to go back out there and see, 'Are they gonna like this new outfit? How about this new song?'"

The singer's Reba McEntire Teaches Country Music MasterClass is available now. She joins the likes of Usher, DeadMau5 and Christina Aguilera, who have previously helped others as part of the MasterClass series.

The 61-year-old is known for her vibrant red hair and slim frame. As well as her country hits, Reba has also turned her attention to fashion, teaming up with department store Dillards in 2005 to launch her own clothing line. The lifestyle brand has since expanded into shoes, bedding, and luggage and she's also got her own line of beauty products. Earlier this year (16) Reba added plus size garments to her offerings.

"To be honest, I never paid enough attention to fashion before I started designing fashion," she told "When performing, I paid close attention to my stylists and how they dressed me. This really helped with my own design style. Ultimately, if I wear something that I feel comfortable in, my personality will come through. I wanted to give this confidence to other women."

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